Driverless trucks by 2019

10.27 | 21 August 2009 |

Driverless juggernauts could be on Britain’s motorways within 10 years, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The academy says artificially intelligent robots and computers capable of making life and death decisions will become more and more common in all aspects of life. It wants a public debate about the social, legal and ethical issues raised by the increasing use of ‘thinking’ machines.

In a report entitled Autonomous Systems, the academy explains how the computer-directed trucks would use data from laser-radar, video cameras and sat-nav to steer through traffic and pedestrians.

Professor Will Stewart of Southampton University, the report’s co-author, said driverless lorries and cars would make motoring far safer.

Click here to read the full Daily Mail news report.

Click here
to read the Royal Academy of Engineering news release.



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