Drivers in Scotland urged to slow down near schools

10.26 | 29 August 2018 | | 2 comments

Police Scotland is urging motorists to slow down near schools after 24 drivers were stopped for speeding during a single lunch time at a primary school in the north of the country.

Police forces carried out speed checks across the country last week as pupils returned to school from their summer holidays.

At Hilton Primary School in Inverness, 24 drivers were stopped for speeding – the majority of whom were issued with warnings.

However two drivers were given Fixed Penalty Notices – while one has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Police Scotland points to research which suggests around 5% of pedestrians would die when struck by a vehicle travelling at 20mph – a figure which increases to about 40% for vehicles travelling at 30mph, and 80% for vehicles travelling at 40mph.

The majority of schools in the Highlands have 20mph limits during school hours and drivers are advised to be aware of the local limits.

Gus Murray, road policing sergeant, said: “It is incredibly disappointing to have stopped this many vehicles being driven irresponsibly near a primary school in such a short space of time.

“It is well documented that the greater the speed then the greater the risk to a pedestrian.

“Near schools this means that a speeding driver is putting the lives of children at risk – this is not tolerated, either by us or the wider community.

“All motorists need to be persuaded that driving at inappropriate speeds is not a minor, technical offence that everyone commits.

“It is a serious, dangerous and antisocial activity.

“We will continue to carry out enforcement activity near schools to stop those who continue to ignore the dangers.”



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    It seems that there are a number of signs that can and are being used at or near our schools., Some of them are as prescribed by law to be mandatory in which the 20 mph is within a prescribed red circle and therefore they need to be obeyed and anyone found speeding against this sign can be prosecuted.

    However I am aware of other signs that have flashing amber lights and advise the 20 mph speed limit when the lights are flashing. They have no red circles and as such those signs are not mandatory but advisory only and I don’t think that the 20 mph speed limit can be followed up by a speeding fine alone.

    Why don’t we have one lawful sign that covers it and that is the mandatory one. Then police actions like this can be taken and it would deter some drivers from thinking, well I don’t have to slow down and cant get done anyway.

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    Again, a blinkered road safety message which assumes that children are only going to be at risk near schools. If they hammer this message home too much, drivers may drop their guard elsewhere. Children and peds actually exist on or near roads everywhere – it’s a well known fact.

    Hugh Jones
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