Driving habits change as fuel prices soar

11.49 | 18 May 2011 |

As fuel prices continue to rise, research shows that motorists are driving more efficiently to conserve fuel by sticking to speed limits and adopting safer driving habits.

Golden River Traffic manages and facilitates traffic data collection for road operators and authorities in the UK and around the world. By collecting and analysing data from motorway and trunk road routes, Golden River says that average speeds and traffic volumes have reduced by approximately 5% since fuel prices began to soar.

Golden River’s findings are backed by a DfT study claiming that more than half of all drivers intend to reduce their speed on motorways in order to conserve fuel, and an AA survey stating that 59% of male drivers and 65% of female drivers intend to reduce their speed on motorways.

Graham Muspratt, group product and marketing manager at Golden River Traffic, said: “Typically – in the past – motorists have cruised along at 80mph or more on the motorway regardless of the fact that this is actually illegal and also can burn up to 25% more fuel than driving consistently at 70mph. Evidence now points to drivers in the last few months reducing speed to conserve fuel.”

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