Driving instructor unveils ambitious plans

12.00 | 9 January 2013 | | 3 comments

A grade 6 driving instructor, who offers driving sessions for 10 to 16 year olds at training facilities across Hampshire, aims to set up a road safety centre to educate youngsters.

Jon Reynolds, the driving instructor behind Drive B4 U Turn, intends to do this by incorporating cycle proficiency and moped/motorbike training along with road awareness sessions for young pedestrians.

For now, however, his under 17s training sessions aim to make youngsters safer and more confident when they take to the roads for the first time. Jon set up the scheme in 2009 to try and reduce the number of collisions involving 17 to 24 year olds. He now has up to 12 instructors working on some of the training days.

The training site comprises three miles of private military road system with road markings and various inclines, which enable young drivers to master basic driving techniques without the added pressure of oncoming traffic.

Jon explains: “As a parent myself, I am keen to involve schools in under 17s driver training as I believe that by introducing driver education at an earlier age, young people will also become safer as pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists.

“In order to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to use our facility, we keep our prices very competitive at £40 per hour – most under 17 facilities are now charging in excess of £50 per hour.

For more information contact Jon Reynolds or  visit the Drive B4 U Turn 17 website 


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    As a driver, you have to remember that pedestrians who make mistakes become drivers who make mistakes once they get behind the wheel. If a pedestrian walks straight across the road without looking at a zebra crossing, when they get behind the wheel they will not want to stop for pedestrians who are waiting to cross at one. Unfortunately they do not become super safety concious just because they climb behind a steering wheel.

    Phil Bolton – Huddersfield
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    I believe that introduction to road safety should start earlier and recognition of the risks of driving on busy roads is seriously overlooked in general. I think this initiative is a great idea!

    Anita Gilbey, Bramley, Surrey
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    I too believe that road users need educating earlier. Look at the attitude of some pedestrians, it’s shocking, they expect someone else, ie the driver, to stop for them. This attitude is now becoming more and more prevalent in drivers, the other driver will move, sometimes even when there is nowhere to move to. I too am a driving instructor and a dad and would like to set up somewhere similar, however venues are not easy to find and schools are more grade orientated so can be guilty of not providing this type of education.

    Stuart from Manchester
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