DSA opens consultation on ADI training

12.00 | 28 June 2013 |

The DSA has launched a consultation on the qualification process for approved driving instructors (ADIs).

The consultation, which runs until 8 August 2013, includes a range of proposals to modernise the way in which people qualify to become an ADI.

The consultation sets out three options for changing the qualification process: to replace the three qualifying tests with a vocational qualification; to improve the current tests; and to replace the trainee licence with a requirement for provisional driving instructors (PDIs) to be accompanied by ADIs when delivering paid instruction.

The DSA is seeking feedback about the proposals and whether the assumptions it has made are correct.

It is also looking for feedback on a range of other items including introducing fines (called ‘civil sanctions’) that the ADI Registrar could charge an ADI if they didn’t follow a condition of their approval; and what information about ADIs it would be useful and fair for DSA to make available to the public.

Click here for more information and to respond to the consultation.


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