DVLA explains imminent licence changes

12.00 | 4 June 2015 |

The DVLA has published advice and a series of simple step-by-step videos regarding the abolition of the counterpart to the photocard driving licence which comes into effect next week.

From Monday 8 June, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA. The counterpart was introduced to display details that could not be included on the photocard, including the vehicle categories the licence holder is entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points.

The DVLA says the decision to abolish the counterpart was as a result of the government’s Red Tape Challenge consultation on road transportation.

The DVLA advises people to destroy the paper counterpart after 8 June, but keep their photocard driving licence. However, paper driving licences issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998 remain valid and should not be destroyed.

From next Monday, penalty points (endorsements) will only be recorded electronically and will not be printed or written on either photocard or paper driving licences. Instead, this information will be held on DVLA’s driver record, and can be viewed online, by phone or post.

People who drive for a living and have to provide evidence of their driving record can do this online for free by accessing DVLA’s Share Driving Licence service.

With regard to hiring a vehicle, DVLA advises people to check with the hire company what they need to see. The person hiring the vehicle can request a unique code which lasts for up to 72 hours and allows them to share their licence details, or download a summary of their driving licence record.


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