E-bikes can ‘break down the barriers that stop many Londoners cycling’

09.36 | 22 March 2018 | | 4 comments

TfL has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of e-bikes, including a website which offers exclusive discounts to Londoners.

Research by TfL shows that more than a fifth of people who don’t cycle are discouraged by factors such as fitness, distances and age.

TfL says e-bikes can help overcome these concerns as the power assisted bikes allow the rider to cycle further, and uphill, with ease.

As part of the new campaign, TfL has teamed up with the Association of Cycle Traders to launch a new website which brings together more than 100 stores offering free test rides across the Capital.

TfL has also negotiated exclusive offers on e-bikes with many retailers, which are only available through the website.

Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, said: “I’ve enjoyed trying a number of e-bikes and can see what great potential they have to help Londoners get around our Capital.

“We’re working hard to make cycling safer and more accessible, and these e-bikes can make a difference to those who feel unable to travel by bike.

“By providing a boost as you pedal, the bikes help riders cycle with ease but still improve their health too. I hope through this new partnership we can encourage even more first-time cyclists to take to our capital’s streets.”

Chris Mather, chief customer officer at TfL, said: “E-bikes have the potential to get many more people cycling. They are a great way of quickly getting around the city and, in turn, will help to cut congestion and tackle poor air quality.

“We are delighted to be working with the cycling industry to raise awareness of the benefits of e-bikes and look forward to seeing more journeys being made by e-bike.”


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    So doesn’t having E bikes contradict the previous purpose or idea that one will cycle and therefore get fitter through exercise. I cant see that aim being promoted any more by the use of these bikes.

    Then the second issue is that some bikes generate enough power to be required to be a licensed vehicle and therefore need to be used on the road only but for those that don’t can we really see our pedestrianised places or pavements full of bikers cycling around at their maximum speed of 15 or up to 20 mph. I don’t think that could ever be considered right or safe by many other road user including vulnerable pedestrians. The young and the elderly and the infirmed.

    Bob Craven
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    I’m lucky enough to be able to access some pool e bikes through work and have had a couple of trips on them. It’s making journeys that were previously not manageable on two wheels perfectly possible which, in turn is reducing my car use.

    Becky, Leeds
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    The guy in the photo is just about to cycle on the footway, so nothing new here!

    Richard Walker, london
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    Hope they are properly insured and security marked. Could be easy pickings.

    Guzzi, Newport
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