Eight steps to improved road safety education

11.49 | 29 June 2021 |

A new handbook has been published setting out an eight-step approach for the development and evaluation of road safety education courses and materials.

The LEARN! Manual sets out recommendations, criteria and guidance to ‘develop and implement sound educational activities in an accessible way’.

The handbook has been produced by experts from 11 European countries and published by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) and Fundación MAPFRE.

It is envisaged as a starting point for those who design, test, implement and evaluate educational activities on traffic safety and mobility, and are embarking upon the creation of new, or updating existing, activities.

The new resource should also be useful to authorities, schools and organisations when deciding on which activities and projects to buy or fund.  

The eight-step model is as follows: analyse, define objectives, achieving change, design, pre-test, produce, implement and evaluate.

The publication also includes 27 case studies from across Europe that illustrate how the steps can be applied in practice.

The LEARN! Manual can be downloaded for free from the project website.



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