Emotional Big Bike Day

12.53 | 18 May 2010 |

More than 1,000 children got on their bikes at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire to participate in the 2010 Big Bike Day, which was organised by local schools and North Yorkshire’s RSOs.

It was the fourth Big Bike Day at Catterick and the biggest yet. The aim was to encourage children to have fun, get fit and cycle in safety. 
North Yorkshire County Council donates £1 to school funds for each person cycling, and there’s also a raffle with one child from each school winning a bike, sponsored by a local bike shop.

Three youngsters made it an even more memorable day by undertaking a marathon cycle ride to raise more than £2,000 for equipment for schools in Afghanistan.

Thomas Godridge, Hannah Burston and Ewan Upton pedalled 22 miles from their school to Masham to raise money for the Afghan Appeal Fund. Ewan’s father, warrant officer Sean Upton, was killed while on foot patrol in Sangin District last year.
David Bowe, chair of 95 Alive the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety  Partnership, said: ”What  a  marvellous achievement  for these three children. To have gone through such a terrible ordeal and do something so positive really deserves applause. This made Big Bike Day 2010 an even more remarkable event.” 
Hilary Bond, road safety and travel awareness officer, said: ”This was such an emotional day for the children. Thomas, Hannah and Ewan’s perseverance and bravery was an example to us all. 

“The day was all about encouraging children  to have fun, get fit and cycle safely –  and they  took it to another level with their determination to help other children.”

For more information contact Janet Gleeson on 01609 798304.

Footnote: donations can be sent to www.justgiving.com/thomashannahewan



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