ETSC launches safer cycling initiative

08.28 | 6 October 2011 |

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has launched an initiative to improve the safety of cyclists on European roads.

‘BIKE PAL’ will begin with a thorough analysis of cycling safety in EU member states, which will include ranking countries according to their level of safety. The review will also look at national cycling safety programmes that several EU member states have already implemented.

BIKE PAL will also include a safe cycling manual for cyclists across Europe, which will be made available in electronic and paperback form and published on the BIKE PAL website. University students will also have the opportunity to design and implement their own project to improve safety.

Antonio Avenoso, ETSC executive director, said: “We will gather applications from students who attend our lectures and select the 10 groups with the best ideas.

“20 students will be invited to attend a week-long camp in Brussels where they will receive intensive training from international experts. The students will then go back to their countries where ETSC and its member organisations will support them in getting their project implemented.”

For more information contact Mircea Steriu, ETSC communications officer, on +32 (0)2 2304106.


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