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15.28 | 7 December 2010 |

A new website to help road safety practitioners evaluate education, training and publicity activities has been launched by RoSPA and the DfT.

At the heart of the Road Safety Evaluation website is ‘E-valu-it’, an interactive tool that helps practitioners define what they are doing and design and carry out their evaluation. The website also promotes the publication and sharing of results.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, said: “This new website will allow local authorities to assess the value of education, training and publicity activities, which will in turn help them to design high quality schemes and target them where they will have the most impact.”

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said: “It is recognised that it is much harder to evaluate road safety education, training and publicity (ETP) than road safety engineering.

“The sharing of such information is important – road safety practitioners have much to learn from each other about interventions that have worked and also those that have been less successful.”

E-valu-it produces bespoke recommendations for the type of evaluation that could be conducted, based on the answers given to a series of questions. It can be used for interventions that are planned, in progress or have already taken place.

The system transfers the results into an evaluation report template. Users can then add to the template throughout their evaluation, producing a professional report at the end of the process.

12 regional workshops, involving the DfT, RoSPA and local authorities across Britain, are being held as part of the website’s development. Road Safety Evaluation is also being supported by 12 regional champions who can explain to potential users the benefits of using E-valu-it.

Click here to visit the website for more information, or contact Lindsey Simkins, RoSPA’s road safety research and evaluation officer.


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