‘Eye opening’ tour for AIRSO members

14.30 | 1 April 2011 |

30 members of the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers (AIRSO) have been on a fact-finding trip to see how the TTC Group educates drivers about the dangers of speeding and drink driving.

TTC managers explained how instructors teach safer driving techniques in speed awareness and drink drive rehabilitation, as well as driver alertness courses for motorists who commit minor offences.

Graham Feest, AIRSO secretary, said: “The visit was quite an eye opener for many of our members who didn’t appreciate, without seeing it, the scale of TTC Group’s operation and the huge part they play nationally in running all of these diversionary and other training courses.”

Colin Petterner, TTC road safety consultant, said: “It was an honour for us to host a meeting of this national organisation who came to our county to listen to a number of speakers so that they could share the latest information on road safety.”

For more information about TTC Group contact Colin Pettener on 01743 873468.


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