Fear of unexpected costs putting drivers off vehicle repairs

11.18 | 10 December 2019 |

Image: RAC

The RAC has expressed concern over the findings of a new survey, which suggests there could be millions of cars in a ‘less-than-perfect condition’ on UK roads.

DfT figures show 38 fatal collisions were caused by vehicle defects in 2018 – the highest number since 2014 (39).

In total, vehicle defects were reported as a contributory factor in 1,392 collisions last year – with brakes (521) and tyres (459) the leading causes.

Based on the results of a survey, published on 9 December, the RAC estimates 3.8 million people could be driving a vehicle which has a mechanical issue.

In the RAC survey, half of the 2,000 respondents (47%) worry about having to pay for unexpected car repairs when they get their vehicles serviced.

A quarter of those drivers (24%) – the equivalent of 3.8m people – say that this uncertainty ‘puts them off getting their car maintained in the future’.

Lauren French, RAC MOT Assist product manager, said: “Clearly, taking a car in for a service or MOT can be a nerve-wracking experience with many drivers concerned about what might be uncovered, and the unpleasant financial consequences that can result. 

“But it’s even more alarming that this experience is enough to put some people off getting their car serviced in the future. 

“Just how many people are driving vehicles on the UK’s roads that they know have problems?

“The best advice to any driver is to keep on top of servicing and maintenance work – the quicker problems are identified, often the cheaper they are to remedy.”



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