Figures highlight scale of drug driving in Essex

07.49 | 13 May 2020 |

Despite lockdown restricting all but essential travel, Essex Police made a record number of drug drive arrests during April.

Figures published by the force show 266 arrests for the offence were recorded last month – eclipsing the previous high of 184 in November 2019.

Essex Police says while fewer vehicles were on the road, officers worked ‘proactively’ to identify drug drivers.

Adam Pipe, head of roads policing, said: “While the vast majority of people in Essex have been doing the right thing and staying at home, my officers have continued to be out across the county keeping the roads safe.

“There are fewer vehicles on the roads and calls to some types of crimes have reduced but officers have continued to work proactively to identify drug drivers.

“This figure also gives an indication as to the scale of drug driving in Essex.”

The force adds that in many cases, there appears to be a link between drug driving and other forms of crime.

Mr Pipe added: “We’ve found that 43% of those arrested on suspicion of drug driving so far this year – around 300 people – have been arrested before, including in connection with crimes involving violence.

“And many of those arrested on suspicion of drug driving were also arrested on suspicion of other offences at the same time.

“This indicates there is a link between drug driving and other crime.

“And, sadly, if people are going to commit other forms of crime they are unlikely to consider your safety on the road.

“That’s why the work of my officers is so important – they’re not only keeping the roads safe for you but also disrupting other forms of crime and so keeping your communities safe too.”



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