Film shows how riding kit can save your skin

12.00 | 21 May 2012 | | 3 comments

An animated film reminding young riders that proper riding kit is a safety essential is now available free of charge to road safety officers.

The film has been produced as part of the ‘Spot the Difference’ campaign, which was created by Safer Roads West Yorkshire and also includes a poster and leaflet. The campaign features a young rider and special effects make up to highlight the safety difference between wearing proper motorcycling kit and casual clothes.

The campaign was initially used with young riders across west, east and south Yorkshire through CBT centres, schools and colleges, before being made available to RSOs across the UK.

Click here to download the campaign resources from the Road Safety GB online shop.

For more information contact Dave Glanville, projects officer for Safer Road West Yorkshire, on 01132475804.


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    I agree with wearing full kit, I always wear my jacket, boots, gloves, helmet and if I’m doing motorway riding I wear my trousers, but if I’m going into town I wear my strong working jeans. Recently I was out with my friends and as it was raining he slipped in oil, pulled the brake and came off. Although he wasn’t wearing his boots he bruised his ankle, took some skin off his knee and I thought he got off lucky.

    Reece Stanford, Kent
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    It is unlikely that all riders will at all times wear what may be considered protective clothing.

    When we look at what is available on the market we find that (not being leather) the jacket has protection on the shoulders and elbows and some, not much, on the back thoracic vertebrae. Trousers have knee protectors and some have just a little extra padding on the upper thigh region. Gloves afford some protection to hands. Good boots may protect the feet, toes, ankles and possibly shin. Leather and fabric should help reduce any skin being lost as one slides down the road.

    If one hits another object the forces could be great enough to fracture any bone particularly where there is no protection ie mid bone arms and legs and pelvic areas, rib cage etc. and cervical vertebra, those of the neck.

    In my 47 yrs. of motorcycling I have seen lots of accidents and maybe some injuries would have been reduced had the rider been wearing full body armour but unfortunately we cannot do that.

    bob craven Lancs
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    I completely agree with this. I came off a bike when I was 18 without kit and my knee went down to the bone and a lot of my body was skinned, it took me 2 months just to get walking with crutches and a lot longer without and was a very long and painful process. I would never get on a bike without full protection again.

    Helen B, Essex
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