Five million believe they lack skills for motorway driving

14.04 | 29 July 2009 | | 2 comments

The AA is launching new tailored motorway driving courses in the wake of a study showing that five million drivers feel they lack the skills to drive on M-roads.

The research, by AA Driving School, concludes that a fear of motorways and a lack of driving skills have created a ‘lost generation’ of drivers who avoid M-roads at all costs.

The study comes as instructors report that a phenomenon dubbed ‘M-phobia’ is driving thousands onto more dangerous A-roads. Some drivers fear motorways so much they spend decades, or even generations, avoiding them, according to feedback from a panel of AA driving instructors.

To help prepare drivers of all ages for life in the fast lane, AA Driving School is launching the new tailored motorway driving courses.

Director Simon Douglas says: "The evidence suggests motorways are Britain’s most feared roads. Yet, statistically, they are our safest roads.

"Tailored motorway tuition with a qualified instructor can help drivers beat M-phobia – and build the skills and confidence to drive safely while enjoying the convenience of our motorway network."

Click here to read the full AA news release.


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    Shouldn’t motorway driving be taught as part of the compulsory driver training process? Letting novice drivers on to 3 or 4 lane roads with high speed traffic without training is irresponsible, especailly considering some of the driving behaviour we see on motorways…

    Dave, Leeds.
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    Are the motorways not busy enough, without encouraging an extra 5 million drivers to join the traffic chaos, keep the motorway clear for confident drivers.

    I add those comments purely tongue-in-cheek, anything that aids those drivers who sit in lane 2 or between the 40 tonne wagons forcing the LGV drivers out into lanes they cannot overtake their colleagues in without 2 weeks notice, can only make the motorways even a safer place to travel.

    Stuart Howarth Rochdale
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