Football fans reminded of road risks

14.57 | 7 June 2010 |

Luton’s road safety team used ‘beer goggles’ to remind football fans of the risks they face as drivers and pedestrians at the launch of its summer drink-drive campaign.

With the World Cup just around the corner, the team is reminding people of the perils of drink-driving and the effects alcohol can have on pedestrians.

Cllr David Taylor said: “We want everyone in Luton to enjoy safely what should be a fabulous competition.

“Many fans may well be watching matches in pubs and clubs, and I am sure the drinks will be flowing freely. It’s clearly important for anyone who has had a drink not to drive, but our aim is also to highlight that alcohol affects pedestrians as well.

“As a pedestrian, being drunk affects your balance, vision and coordination as well as your judgement. It will also alter your perception of risk.”

To prove the point, the road safety team encouraged people to try and score a goal from a penalty kick while wearing the goggles, which simulate the effects of being drunk.

For more information contact the road safety team on 01582 546263.


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