Formula One team in a spin to demonstrate drink drive risks

12.00 | 5 November 2014 |

The latest road safety film featuring Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg sees the pair in a spin as they try to highlight why drinking and driving is so dangerous.

The pair of drivers feature in a series of road safety video clips which are available to download and use free of charge. The films feature Rosberg and Hamilton demonstrating road safety facts “in a new and unusual way”.

The Allianz Safety Facts’ films are being produced by a partnership comprising the Mercedes F1 team and its sponsor Allianz, and the German production company RTV Film & TV.

In this film, the fifth in the series, the pair find themselves in a different type of spin than what they’re used to on the track. Both drivers get dizzy after spinning in a chair to demonstrate how alcohol can affect people’s body and mind.

The four earlier films, all of which have been produced this year, cover the subjects of pedestrian safety, driver distraction, seatbelts and the dangers of playing football in the street (to coincide with the 2014 World Cup). All of the films can be viewed via the link above in this story.


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