Free e-learning module helps drivers ‘be prepared’ for winter driving

11.20 | 21 December 2020 |

To help drivers prepare for driving in winter weather, Transport for Bucks (TfB) is promoting its free-to-use Winter Driving e-learning module.

TfB’s online Winter Driving module was launched in 2018 and since then more than 1,700 people have completed it. The module takes about 10 minutes to complete and contains key messages and advice including:

  • Consider the road conditions
  • Gritting doesn’t guarantee an ice-free road
  • Stopping relies on grip between the tyres and the road
  • Slow down and increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front
  • Avoid harsh braking acceleration and steering
  • Make sure your vehicle is fit for the road
  • Ensure you can see and be seen
  • Be aware of your vehicle’s safety features but don’t rely on them
  • Carry an emergency kit, just in case

The e-learning module was developed by New View Consultants working in partnership with TfB. It is designed to be engaging and uses plain English to help users remember essential information for driving on the roads in winter.

TfB’s success with the module was recognised when it won the Road Safety Award category at the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) Awards’ ceremony in June 2019.

Winter Driving is one of three e-learing modules offered by TfB – the other two cover ‘age and driving’ and ‘speed choice’.

For more information contact June Howlett by email.


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