Fuel prices forcing drivers off the road: AA

12.00 | 18 May 2012 | | 3 comments

The AA says that drivers are being forced off the road by soaring petrol prices (Auto Express).

The AA’s claim follows DfT figures showing that the average number of car trips per driver fell to 960 in 2010, the lowest level since the 70s. The average number of miles driven per year has also fallen from a peak of 9,470 to 8,430.

Despite these drops, the number of households with access to a car has increased, with DfT data revealing that 75% of Britons now have access to a car – more than ever before.

Luke Bosdet, AA spokesperson, said: “Figures on car use jump out at you. Our research has revealed that 75% of motorists are cutting back on car use because of fuel prices.

“Between 16 April and 7 May, petrol prices should have fallen by seven pence per litre, but the fall has been just 2.5 pence. Over the same period petrol prices fell 9% in Belgium and 8.5% in Denmark. But in the UK they fell by just 3%.”

Click here to read the full Auto Express report.


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    High fuel prices are just reducing the social mobility of the poorest in society and making people cut costs elsewhere – on maintenance for example. Not sure that’s a good thing. Although I guess if you’ve paid to be a National Trust member and you’ve been to Waitrose to get food for a picnic the last thing you want is poor people spoiling your nice day out.

    This seems to suggest there are more cars on the road but they are being used less. Car engines are most efficient & least polluting when they’re hot so more cars doing shorter trips could actually be worse for emissions than fewer cars doing longer trips.

    Dave, Leeds
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    Not only have petrol prices gone up, but also insurance, tax and vehicle maintenance. Drivers are being squeezed from all sides!

    Adam, Hants
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    Obviously this is a good thing. Less cars on the road means less dangers on the road, less emissions and healthier people!

    Steve, Merseyside
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