Funding announced for technology-based road safety projects

15.45 | 5 November 2020 | | | 5 comments

The Road Safety Trust has confirmed its 2021 Main Theme Programme will provide grants for projects that explore how technology can reduce road offending and improve road safety.

The Road Safety Trust is the largest road safety grant giver in the UK – having awarded £3.7m to 49 different projects since 2014. 

The Trust’s 2020 funding programme was postponed due to COVID-19 – but is being reinstated with the same theme for 2021. 

Under the programme, applications will be welcomed from public, private and not-for-profit organisations, as well as registered charities, for grants of between £10k and £200k. In 2019 a total of £800,000 was awarded to grantees.

The application process opens on 25 February 2021 – and will run until 19 April.

Sally Lines, chief executive of the Road Safety Trust, said: “We had to postpone this round of funding in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are pleased to be able to re-introduce it for 2021.  

“The use of developing and emerging technologies will have even more of an impact on the way we live in 2021.   

“We would like to see a focus on the innovation that is happening throughout the UK and projects that demonstrate resilience to and take account of challenges relating to COVID-19.

“We want to use this grant scheme to really explore and benefit from the use of technology to improve road safety and in turn help us work towards our vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on UK roads.“ 

For more information and guidance visit the Road Safety Trust website.



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    Why not have a congestion charge for cycling into the City? Since cycling causes grid lock by virtue of the space allocated i.e. dedicated lanes on a limited road width. This results in slow/ stationery traffic with idling engines that are operating inefficiently and adding more pollution to the environment. It’s time cyclists contributed something and if the charges were comparable, they could pay for the lanes or add to general taxation.

    Bob, Staffordshire
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    Hello Hugh
    I would suggest that the dutch style roundabout in Cambridge is a main contender for the title.

    Pat, Wales
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    If cyclists were banned from riding in Cities it would be safer for everyone including themselves. We wouldn’t need to waste valuable road space with cycle lanes that carry no traffic. I’m not saying ban cycling all together, riding on set trails like the Monsal Trail in the Peak District is fine, but just keep them off roads for motorised transport.

    Gillian Booth, Derbyshire
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    I’ve encountered many stupid drivers on the road, but strangely enough not a ‘stupid’ roundabout – what is a ‘stupid’ roundabout exactly?

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    Well let’s hope it’s not wasted on unused cycle lanes that grid lock normal traffic or stupid roundabouts costing millions (surprised they don’t have a toll fee to enter)

    Phil Hopewell, Birmingham
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