GEM calls for volunteer drivers to put safety first

12.00 | 14 January 2016 |

GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging all volunteer drivers to ensure they put safety first on their journeys, and is helping them to do so with a free video resource.

The resource comprises three videos titled: ‘Preparation for the vehicle and driver’, ‘Advice for voluntary responders to stay safe and legal’ and ‘Concentration, observation and anticipation gives us time and space’.

The videos were created to raise road safety awareness among volunteer drivers, specifically assisting with tips on defensive driving, journey planning and maintaining an attitude where safety is promoted and risk is minimised.

GEM says that volunteers form a vital part of many local medical transport networks, and are essential to schemes that support people who would otherwise be unable to get out and about – for example a trip to the shops or to visit a family member.

David Williams MBE, GEM chief executive, said: “There is a growing need for volunteer drivers across the UK. The tasks include providing essential journeys for those unable to use public transport, taking someone on a shopping or social trip and even emergency responding on behalf of the ambulance service.

“We are keen that the profile of road safety for volunteers is raised, so that the risks they may face – often in potentially stressful situations – are minimised.”

The videos come with an accompanying quiz, which GEM says makes the resource ideal for group discussion.



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