GEM launches drug drive videos

12.00 | 22 May 2015 |

Two new videos which offer “simple and straightforward information” about drugs, driving and the law have been launched by GEM Motoring Assist.

The videos reflects changes to drug-driving legislation which came into effect in March 2015, establishing legal limits for eight illegal drugs and eight legal, prescription drugs.

The shorter version is designed primarily for younger audiences, and focuses on illicit drugs. An additional resource sheet and multiple-choice quiz are also available.

The longer version includes information on how certain prescription medicines can affect driving, and is aimed at a more mature audience.

The videos were produced with the assistance of The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

Professor Andrew Parkes, TRL’s chief scientist, said: “Different drugs have different effects on different people and the picture for road safety is really complicated. But none of them makes driving better.”

David Williams MBE, GEM chief executive, said: “This video sets out to explain the new legislation and reinforce the warning that driving after using any potentially intoxicating substance is both dangerous and illegal.

“We hope this video will be used extensively, particularly to support school and college advice programmes for students, and to inform older drivers who may be at risk because of the prescription medicines they take.”


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