Good Egg Guide endorsed

00.07 | 12 November 2009 |

RSGB has announced its endorsement of the Good Egg GB Guide to In-Car Child Safety, which has been officially adopted as the organisation’s first national resource.

For many years the guide has been the focal point of an award-winning campaign in Scotland to raise awareness among parents and carers about the dangers of inappropriate or incorrectly fitted child car seats and restraints. 

Since its launch in 2001, the campaign has helped reduce in-car child casualties in Scotland by 65% compared to the 1994-1998 average. More than 170,000 copies of the guide have been distributed, more than 100,000 visitors have logged onto the campaign website and Good Egg ‘car seat clinics’ have become a popular attraction for parents.

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, said: "Child safety cannot be taken for granted, and keeping children safe inside the car should be a priority for any driver with responsibility for a child passenger. 

"As a road safety officer for more than 20 years – as well being a father and grandfather – I am all too aware of the vulnerability of children. Young children cannot be expected to take responsibility for their own safety, so it is up to all of us as adults to look after them and keep them safe."

The UK-wide Good Egg campaign will be launched at the Road Safety GB conference on 12 November, where road safety professionals will be encouraged to support the campaign as a key element in reducing child KSIs in their area.

Alan Kennedy concluded: "The Good Egg Guide is an excellent tool for parents and carers. It is designed to ensure that all children are restrained correctly when travelling in a vehicle and offers sound practical advice about buying, choosing and fitting the right car seat."

For more information about the Good Egg GB campaign visit: or contact Jan Deans on 07980 851 360.

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