Government announces tougher sentences for disqualified drivers who kill or injure

12.00 | 6 May 2014 | | 3 comments

Drivers who cause death or serious injuries on the roads when they have been banned from driving will face much longer jail sentences, under changes to the law announced today (6 May) by the justice secretary, Chris Grayling.

The current maximum sentence faced by a driver who causes death while driving when disqualified is two years imprisonment, and there is no specific offence of causing serious injury by driving while disqualified.

The law will be changed so disqualified drivers will face up to 10 years in prison if they cause death, and up to four years imprisonment if they cause serious injuries. The changes are expected to be implemented in early 2015.

The Government says that these “much tougher” maximum sentences are designed to reflect the devastating impact on victims and their families.

Chris Grayling has also announced his intention to launch a full review of all driving offences and penalties, to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are “properly punished”. This will include reviewing offences committed by uninsured and unlicensed drivers.

Chris Grayling said: “I want to make our roads safer and ensure people who cause harm face tough penalties.

“Those who chose to defy a ban imposed by a court and go on to destroy innocent lives must face serious consequences for the terrible impact of their actions.

“We are sending a clear message that anyone who does will face much tougher punishment."


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    “the devastating impact on victims and their families” is little affected, if at all, by whether the driver had been banned.

    Has anyone else noticed that (whether in HMRC and their plan to seize bank accounts without notice or court orders, to the now grey area “agressive tax avoidance”) there is a rising trend of viciousness in the public life of this country? The Hang ’em and flog ’em brigade are gaining ground!

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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    Still not severe enough. Most offenders will only serve half their sentence anyway.

    Steve Brooks. Manchester
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    Great if this has teeth and officers to detect the offences (ANPR not as effective as Mk1 coppers’ nose.

    Olly, Lancs
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