Government publishes new policy for strategic road network

12.00 | 11 September 2013 |

Stephen Hammond, parliamentary under secretary of state for transport, yesterday (10 September) published new policy setting out the role of the strategic road network in enabling economic growth.

Mr Hammond announced the new policy in a statement to the House of Commons.

The new policy paper, ‘Strategic road network and the delivery of sustainable development’, explains how the Highways Agency will maintain, manage and operate a safe and efficient strategic road network.

The paper follows a Government consultation on the same subject, the outcome of which was also published on 10 September.

The new policy is designed to "remove some constraints and burdens from local authorities and other local decision makers, creating greater scope for addressing local needs when considering proposals for new developments".

By reducing regulation, Mr Hammond says the new policy "will encourage growth by making it easier for businesses and communities to develop through increased opportunity and reduced cost, while at the same time ensuring that the road network continues to operate efficiently".

The new policy replaces circulars ‘Circular 02/2007 planning and the strategic road network’ and ‘DfT circular 01/2008 policy on service areas and other roadside facilities on motorways and all-purpose trunk roads in England’.





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