Gwent Police tackles drink and drug drivers

11.55 | 27 July 2018 |

Police officers in Gwent administered more than 1,000 breath tests as part of a month-long crackdown on drink and drug drivers.

As part of a joint effort with other police forces across Wales, officers in Gwent administered 1,015 breath tests – making 42 arrests (4.1%).

Of those, 22 were arrested on suspicion of drink driving, with a further 16 arrested for driving while over the prescribed drug limit.

One arrest was made for failing to provide a specimen – while two people were arrested on suspicion of being drunk and in charge of a vehicle. A further person was arrested on suspicion of driving while unfit.

As part of its ongoing campaign, Gwent Police has asked anyone with information about people drinking or taking drugs and driving to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Inspector Matthew Havard, Gwent Police, said: “During the hot weather many have decided to have a couple in the summer sunshine.

“However, drivers need to think before getting behind the wheel and ensure that they have a safe and reliable way of getting home.

“This month we’ve been focusing our efforts on drink and drug drivers in a bid to catch those breaking the law, and deter people from driving under the influence.

“This is crucial in our efforts to make our roads safer and we are grateful to all of those who have worked with us in doing so, including those who reported their suspicions of those driving over the limit.”



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