Half of cyclists ‘struggle with Highway Code’

07.42 | 21 October 2020 | | 2 comments

Cyclists are being encouraged to brush up on their knowledge of the Highway Code, after a survey suggests a majority are not aware of many of the current rules.

The survey of 1,000 cyclists, carried out by the National Accident Helpline, suggests that over two thirds (68%) don’t believe they needed to leave plenty of room when cycling past parked vehicles.

Rule 67 of the Highway Code says cyclists should ‘leave plenty of room when passing parked vehicles and watch out for doors being opened or pedestrians stepping into your path’.

Meanwhile, 59% did not think they were required to obey all traffic signs and traffic light signals, according to the survey.

However, rule 71 states ‘you must not cross the stop line when the traffic lights are red’.

In terms of age, 25-34-year-old cyclists proved to be the age group ‘most oblivious to the rules’, with 56% answering questions on them incorrectly. This compares to 41% among cyclists aged 65 years and over.

Jonathan White, legal director of National Accident Helpline, said: “With just their bikes and protective clothing between them, the road and other vehicles, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users – so it’s right that rules should be in place to protect them from harm.

“Our study shows that not all cyclists are as up to speed with the rules as they could be – so we’d encourage both drivers and cyclists to brush up on the Highway Code and put that knowledge to use day-to-day to help prevent accidents from happening.”



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    Is this the same half that have never opened a book?
    Most cyclists never read the highway code and ride as they please.
    The new highway code proposals are only going to make things worse for those that can read. It is going to cause more confusion and casualties by giving carte blanche to cyclists and pedestrians to obstruct motorists at will and avoid having to use any grey matter when out on the road. The 2m distancing is stupid and will achieve nothing but tail backs, which causes frustration and more incidents. It would appear that all road users but motorists were on the panel. We all want save roads but lets start with approved training for cyclists…like being prepared for fog when your out in the Peak District by having some lights and legal bikes with reflectors!

    Peter Watts, S.Yorks
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    If cycle training was readily made freely available across the country with instructors paid dignified wages for their expertise, and if that training was properly and widely promoted, this issue could be rapidly resolved. Philippa Robb, Walk & Cycle London CIC and member of Cycling Instructors’ Branch of the IWGB Union.

    Philippa Robb, London
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