Hampshire offers assessment to ‘rusty’ motorists

11.57 | 5 October 2010 |

Hampshire County Council is encouraging drivers aged over 55 years to enrol in a scheme which aims to keep people driving safely for longer.

An online poll carried out by the council found that of the 1,636 respondents 70% said they knew someone who could do with updating their skills.

The Older Driver Appraisal Scheme offers older drivers a 90-minute informal and confidential assessment, carried out from their own home and in their own car.

George Howe, who passed his test in 1948 and has had two assessments, said: “I found the older driver assessment very valuable.

“I passed my driving test 62 years ago and personal attitudes, laws, traffic conditions, vehicle performance and so many other things change without us realising.

“Sometimes our attitude and behaviour needs adjusting for the benefit of others, including passengers – many of us can be very self opinionated about our performance behind the wheel.

“For the benefit of everyone, including our loved ones, we should all subject ourselves to an honest professional assessment of how good and safe we are behind the wheel of our vehicle, if only to find out how it compares with our own.”

Councillor Mel Kendal said: “Our population of older people is growing and the more support that we are able to offer to enable people to maintain their independence and keep themselves and others safe, the better.”

Click here for more information about the scheme, or call 01962 846100 or visit www.hants.gov.uk/roadsafety.


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