Hard-hitting posters underpin Isle of Man festive campaign

12.00 | 1 December 2015 |

‘Hard-hitting’ posters form the centrepiece of an Isle of Man Government campaign encouraging people to drive safely and act responsibly while celebrating the festive season.

Promoting the ‘Drink Safe, Drive Safe, Go Safe’ message, the posters feature the slogan ‘How will your night end?’ and will be distributed throughout the Island to highlight the harmful effects of excessive drinking.

The Isle of Man Constabulary, Department of Health and Social Care’s Public Health Directorate and ‘bus vannin’ – a government owned bus service that provides a late-night bus service to people on the Island – are working in partnership to help spread the message.

The campaign encourages people to organise their journey home before going out and cards will be distributed containing the times of late-night bus services, as well as telephone numbers for taxi operators. A promotions vehicle will also visit different locations to reinforce the possible consequences of irresponsible behaviour.

Howard Quayle MHK, health and social care minister, said: “Most of us will be out celebrating this festive season, but it’s important not to overdo things and end up in trouble as a result. Drinking too much can affect people’s judgement and increase risk-taking behaviour while reducing their fear of the consequences.”

Superintendent Kevin Willson said: “The festive season is a time of celebration and people will be out socialising in large numbers. Drink Safe, Drive Safe, Go Safe is a reminder to look after yourself, keep your belongings safe and walk away from any potential trouble.

“There is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving. If you are in any doubt about your fitness to drive, in particular during the morning after a night out, use public transport or a taxi. Do not get behind the wheel. It is well documented that the police and courts adopt a zero-tolerance approach to offences of this nature.”

The Drink Safe, Drive Safe, Go Safe posters and information card are available to download from the Isle of Man Government website.


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