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12.13 | 1 April 2009 |

Impact Road Safety Unit has put together a presentation for college students covering drink, drugs, speed and seatbelts. Using footage from all over the world, the team talks about the consequences of making the wrong decision.

Students are put through the Field Impairment Test, using ‘beer goggles’ to demonstrate how the body is disorientated when the brain receives confusing messages while affected by drink or drugs. Each section of the presentation is supported by film clips to get the message across.

The speed and seatbelt session explains in detail what happens in a crash when un-restrained and/or travelling too fast. One of the main points is to get across that female passengers are more at risk from young males who ‘think they know it all’ and try to impress their passengers with skill they think they have.

Dave Godley, RSO, says: "We use replica drink samples to show how difficult it is to work out units and explain how hard it is to try and make your own decision on when it’s safe to drive.

"And again, using replica drug samples, the team shows students how the police test drivers if they are suspected of driving while under the influence of a controlled substance."

For more information contact Dave Godley on 01706 924542.


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