Highways Agency plans winter safety campaign

12.00 | 1 October 2013 |

The Highways Agency is getting ready for winter by preparing a toolkit of materials for others to use in safety campaign communications.

The toolkit includes framework web copy of various lengths for any organisation wanting to have a page about winter driving on its website. There are also images, banners, posters and a leaflet for people to download and use in their own related campaigns.

Mik Barton, Highways Agency campaign manager, said: “This year we plan to be more flexible so we are prepared to adjust our messages depending on how the weather turns out.”

A number of organisations are meeting in Birmingham this week to go through the campaign and discuss ways of supporting each other. These stakeholders include motoring and freight organisations, a coach operator, a major supermarket chain, the Met Office and other government agencies.

The Highways Agency’s website pages will be switched on at the end of October to include live weather and traffic updates alongside tips for driving in severe weather.

The campaign is integrated with the cross-government website, hosted by the Met Office, which also includes information on health and community preparedness during the winter.

The Highways Agency manages motorways and major A roads in England. Winter treatment of other roads in England is taken care of by local highways authorities.

For more information contact Mik Barton.


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