Horse riding leaflet updated

12.00 | 17 July 2013 |

Road Safety Scotland has updated its ‘Guide to Safer Horse Riding on the Road’, which was originally published in 2007.

Road Safety Scotland, along with the equestrian community, is keen to encourage a high level of safety awareness among riders, and this booklet is designed to  simplify the different manoeuvres horse riders must learn in order to increase their safety on the road.

The booklet highlights: “With increased leisure time, more and more horse-riders are taking to the roads. Nobody rides on the road from choice but for many there is little option, as they move between one off-road area and another. It is vital, therefore, that all riders seek proper training to help them cope with the ever-increasing volume of traffic.”

The booklet offers advice on moving off, stopping, turning left and right at different types of junctions and traffic lights, group riding, overtaking parked vehicles and objects and negotiating roundabouts.

It also provides a checklist of the main points and offers the final reminder: “Don’t be a dark horse: be safe, be seen, be sensible”.

Click here to download the leaflet.


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