IAM launches cycle training courses for businesses

11.27 | 4 March 2011 |

IAM Drive & Survive has launched new cycle training courses for businesses that want to encourage more and safer cycling in their workforce.

The IAM says that Cycle to Work schemes, introduced under the Government’s Green Transport Plan, have resulted in half a million new bikes on the road.

The IAM training has three levels:

  • ‘CycleCheck’ gives inexperienced cyclists the chance to practice control, braking, changing gear and signalling, in a safe off-road environment.
  • ‘CycleRide’ is designed to give cyclists the confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic by focusing on positioning, negotiating traffic and awareness of other road users.
  • ‘CycleRide+’ prepares cyclists for more challenging situations such as turning right on multi-lane roads, negotiating roundabouts, traffic lights and filters.

Each course meets the National Standards for Cycle Training and is delivered by accredited trainers. The courses are held at the workplace so that local cycling conditions are taken into account.

Duncan Pickering, IAM Drive & Survive cycling manager, said: “A quarter of company car trips are for less than two miles, just a 15-minute ride for cyclists. With fuel prices so high and companies seeking to reduce carbon emissions, cycling keeps costs down and staff fit. Healthier staff are more alert, have greater concentration and are more productive.”

As well as improving safety and confidence, the courses also make cycling a more enjoyable experience, says the IAM.

Click here to read the full report.


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