iCar experience raises awareness among young drivers and passengers

14.35 | 1 April 2010 |

Safer Roads Humber has launched the iCar, a new road safety experience for young drivers and their passengers.

The iCar experience comprises a road legal Astra car that has been modified to be used in situ. Young people are invited to sit in the car and view a bespoke film, based on real life data and situations.

The film features a typical journey driven by a young driver with four young passengers, which in this case ends in a crash when the car comes off the road and hits a tree.

While the film is being played, hydraulics simulate the journey and the subsequent crash to provide a full sensory experience.

The film shows the emergency services rescuing the occupants, one of whom is fatally injured and the other four seriously injured. On leaving the car the young people then speak to a road safety professional to discuss strategies to deal with the scenario presented to them.

The iCar can also be used to raise awareness of road safety issues including speed, drink and drug driving, wearing seat belts, answering mobile phones or texting while driving.

Funding for the project has come from Safer Roads Humber with Humberside Fire and Rescue taking the lead on developing the iCar, which is based on Lincolnshire Casualty Reduction Partnership’s ‘Too Fast Too Soon’ project.
Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: “Hopefully by being involved in the iCar experience young drivers will have a better understanding of the dangers they face, amend their driving technique and undertake further driver training.

“We also hope that passengers will benefit from the iCar experience by being able to speak up if uncomfortable about the way the car is been driven, supporting the driver in sensible driving behaviour and not being tempted to encourage the driver to go faster.”

For more information contact Ruth Gore on 01482 391458.


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