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12.00 | 14 February 2014 |

Members of Darlington and Durham Road Safety Teams have been working with schools in their areas on behalf of the Junior Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The aim of the visits to year 5/6 pupils is to highlight the dangers of not wearing their seatbelts.

The team use a mini seat belt simulator which clearly shows the effects of not wearing a seat belt. Miniature car occupants, known as the ‘Dim Family’ are thrown around inside and on occasions, thrown from the vehicle following an impact.  The dire consequences for the family are very clear.  The message is that the family did not realise that in the event of a crash, whilst the car would come to sudden halt, they would continue forward at the same speed, until something slows them down or stops them suddenly. 

The session concludes with the same scenario played out by the ‘Bright Family’ who are wearing seat belts, who have a crash, and are all kept in their seats.  It is hoped that by the end of the session the children will have a fuller understanding of the dangers of travelling without a seatbelt and will encourage others such as parents, that to belt up too.

For more information on the scenario or the equipment used, please contact Denise Caley on  01325 388783


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