‘Innovative’ licence scheme for cyclists

13.56 | 14 September 2010 |

As part of European Mobility Week (16 – 22 September) up to 1,000 County Mayo cyclists will receive cycle licenses in a scheme designed to raise road safety awareness.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo County Council’s RSO, says that the scheme will bring young cyclists into line with drivers of more powerful vehicles.

Noel Gibbons said: “The purpose of the cycle license is to raise awareness of cycle safety and encourage more people to take the two-wheeled mode of transport.

“We also want to get the young cyclists to remember that they have a responsibility for their own safety when using a bicycle. For these young cyclists to earn these licenses they must undergo a cycle theory test and take a pledge to always wear a cycle helmet when they are cycling.”

Michael Lyons, Mayo County Council’s sustainable travel officer, added: "The scheme is a wonderful and innovative way of engaging with young people. Sustainable travel is the way of the future.

“The scheme shows foresight and encourages people to cycle and reconnect with their environment and community.

“Everyone will benefit and can contribute to reducing the congestion and pollution levels in our towns. I would encourage young and old to avail of this opportunity.”

For more information contact Noel Gibbons.


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