Irish campaign urges drivers to stay alert for deer

13.24 | 30 September 2011 |

Mayo County Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service have teamed up to launch a campaign reminding drivers in Ireland to watch out for deer.

The Deer Aware campaign offers the following advice to motorists:


  • When you see a deer warning sign, check your speed and stay alert.
  • Use full-beam if your headlights are on, but dip them if a deer freezes.
  • More deer may follow the first.
  • Be prepared to stop and avoid swerving.

Denis Strong, deputy regional manager of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, said: "There are at least three species of wild deer in Ireland and around two million private cars, and the deer population is increasing.

“As days get shorter in the autumn, busy traffic times coincide with dawn and the early part of the night when deer are most active and hardest to spot. In wooded areas in particular, there may be very little warning before one or several deer bolt across the road."

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s RSO, said: “Better data is helping us to focus on locations where we know there has been a higher number of collisions with deer, so we can use preventative measures – such as warning signs and advice to drivers – as effectively as possible.

"There are collision hotspots where there are high traffic volumes and high deer numbers, but drivers are advised to be aware that deer may cross near any woodland areas. We really need drivers to slow down, take extra care and watch out for these animals – especially at this time of year."

For more information contact Noel Gibbons on 0877870055.


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