IRSO and Road Safety GB announce plans to merge

09.24 | 14 November 2011 |

The Institute of Road Safety Officers (IRSO) and Road Safety GB have announced plans to merge in a move that will combine the strengths of each and create a more rounded organisation that is better placed to meet the challenges that lie ahead for the road safety profession.

Road Safety GB is an employer-supported organisation that represents more than 150 local authority road safety teams across the UK. Formerly known as LARSOA, Road Safety GB rebranded in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength since then.

IRSO is an individual practitioner led organisation representing road safety professionals across the UK. Membership of the Institute used to provide its members with a recognised professional status as a result of its inclusion in the Green Book – (National Agreement on Pay and Conditions for Local Government Services). However, this qualification no longer exists.

The plan is for IRSO and Road Safety GB to become one organisation. The ‘Institute’ will still exist within the new organisation and be renamed the ‘Institute of Road Safety GB’.

Darren Divall, chair of IRSO, said: “I’m delighted to make this announcement today. This planned merger gives IRSO a very positive and strong future. There will be a great deal of issues to resolve but I believe this can be achieved through the planned consultation process.

“IRSO has much to bring to Road Safety GB and we have much to gain too, the plan is certainly mutually beneficial. I look forward to being involved and hope the vision can be come a reality.”

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, said: “I’m really excited about this announcement. There is a tremendous amount to be gained through this merger – it would bring together two organisations in to one coordinated organisation that will have a significant mix of skills and strengths.

“This move has to be good for each organisation and the wider road safety profession. I’m thrilled to be part of this process and like Darren hope that the organisations can come together to make this happen.”

Important aspects of the proposal include:

  • The National Staff Training Group (NSTG) would be fully integrated and supported by the new larger organisation.  NSTG group members from both former organisations would pool resources. All work progressed would be for the benefit of the larger organisation but under the banner of the ‘Institute of RSGB’
  • An authority membership fee would include an entitlement for a ‘number’ of individual members. This would mean that most IRSO members, who work for local authorities that are a member of Road Safety GB, would no longer pay an individual membership fee.
  • Provision will be made for IRSO members to pay an individual fee if they are not employed by a local authority.

A consultation period will run from January – March 2012. This will provide an opportunity for issues or concerns to be raised and considered. Assuming both organisations agree, the merger will be formally proposed at the Road Safety GB Policy and Management meeting in June 2012, and at an appropriate IRSO meeting at around the same time.

If all goes to plan, the merger will be ratified at Road Safety GB AGM in November 2012, with an implementation date of April 2013.

Further information will be circulated to members of both organisations in the near future.


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