Kent campaign urges passengers to speak up

08.50 | 6 July 2011 |

A campaign in Kent is urging passengers to ‘Speak Up’ if a young driver is driving recklessly or not paying attention to the road.

The ‘Speak Up’ campaign was launched by Kent Highway Service’s (KHS) road safety team earlier this year. In the last three years 229 young people (aged 17-24) were killed or seriously injured – as passengers or as drivers – in Kent.

A new website has been launched to coincide with the campaign, along with a film which illustrates some of the issues faced by passengers. The campaign will also use bus-backs, posters in pub and club washrooms, social networking and radio adverts.

Steve Horton, KHS road safety team leader, said: “Of course it’s hard to speak out when it’s someone close to you that’s driving poorly, and it’s particularly difficult for young people who may feel it could make them look stupid or ‘wimpy’; but if you don’t, then who will?

“The one thing I would encourage all passengers, whatever their age, to do when they get into a car is to look closely at the driver and ask themselves: ‘Do I want to give my safety to you?’ Because once that door slams, that’s what you’re doing.

“I also know that there are times when the driver needs to speak up if they are being pressured into driving erratically by their passengers. All car occupants have a role in ensuring they make their journey safely; one slip, one error or one too many stupid actions by a driver could prove fatal for the passenger.”

Click here to view the campaign homepage, or for more information contact Darren Laws on 01634 672874.


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