‘Killer’ child car seats on sale from as little as £3.99

13.09 | 17 February 2020 | | 1 comment

Good Egg Safety says it is ‘completely unacceptable’ that ‘killer’ child car seats can still be purchased from Amazon’s UK store.

In February 2019, an investigation by consumer group Which? found that multiple online stores, including Amazon, were selling child car seats which are illegal in the UK.

At the time, Amazon said they had removed the products in question – amid widespread criticism from the road safety industry.

However, a BBC Panorama investigation has revealed these ‘suspect’ child car seats have since returned to the Amazon marketplace – available from as little as £3.99.

Amazon says it ‘regrets’ the Panorama findings – adding the products in question have once again been removed, and consumers who purchased one of the seats have been contacted.

In a statement, Amazon said: “Safety is extremely important to us and we regret that these products were available from third-party sellers using our stores.

“After a thorough investigation, we identified the issue and are removing these products, and we’re also contacting each customer who purchased one of these products to explain the situation and issue a refund.

“We will continue to leverage and improve our tools and technology to ensure only safe and compliant car seats are available worldwide.”

However, Good Egg Safety has condemned the US firm for ignoring ‘innumerable’ warnings.

Jan James, CEO of Good Egg Safety CIC, said: “It is completely unacceptable for Amazon to trot out platitudes that ‘it regrets’ these killer child car seats were for sale when there have been innumerable warnings from Which?, Good Egg Safety and many others for many years.

“We are grateful to the BBC for flagging this urgent issue as the stark message which still isn’t being heeded is this; a child car seat is the single most ‘safety critical’ piece of equipment we will ever buy for our children and grandchildren. 

“If it’s not fit for purpose, a child can die. Nothing is more important than recognising this fact and taking action against any who sell untested, unregulated seats.”

At present, the operators of online markets, including Amazon Marketplace, are exempt from liability if they are not aware of illegal content being sold on their platform.

The issue will be highlighted as part of a wider BBC Panorama programme, titled ‘Amazon: What They Know About Us’, to be aired at 8.30pm this evening (17 Feb).



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    I believe that basic child booster seats are also classed as “unsafe” but these are still legal to sell and available in UK high street shops – but not on the continent?

    As is often the case, there can be a difference between what is safe and what is legal. Buyer beware.

    Pat, Wales
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