Knowsley produces pedestrian training DVD

10.04 | 11 December 2009 |

Knowsley’s road safety team has produced a pedestrian training DVD for parents to encourage them to become involved in improving their children’s roadside skills.

Entitled ‘Staying Alive’, the DVD highlights to parents the need to protect their young children from traffic hazards and shows them how to improve their child’s roadside skills.

Andy Wilson, road safety team leader, said: “We all know the value of engaging with parents and the potential contribution that they can make, both in protecting their children from traffic dangers and improving their roadside skills.

“Like many others, we’ve tried to engage with them using various leaflets over the years but as we know, a picture says a thousand words. There’s no way that we could have got all the information that parents need to know in any leaflet.

“In the DVD we can really show parents the misperceptions that young children have, the typical mistakes that they make and how best to correct them.”

For further details or to obtain a free sample copy contact Andy Wilson on 0151 443 2232.


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