LARSOA members to be asked to endorse name change

15.00 | 9 April 2009 |

At the LARSOA AGM on 27 April, the association’s membership will be asked to endorse a proposal to change the organisation’s name to Road Safety GB.

Consultation about the proposed re-brand has been ongoing for more than six months, with widespread support for the move from across the association.

If the proposal is formally ratified at the AGM, the new name will come into effect on 30 April. The Association’s website and road safety newsfeed will also be re-launched on that date.

David Frost, LARSOA press and PR officer, says: “While LARSOA has served us reasonably well, it’s a clumsy name that is hard to pronounce and remember. It’s well known within road safety circles, but almost unknown outside the profession.

“If ratified, the name change will spearhead an initiative to position us at the heart of road safety in the UK – instead of attempting to influence debate from the sidelines, which is often the case at the moment.

“Our current name is a hindrance to engaging with a wider audience – because people, including journalists, cannot remember who we are and find LARSOA impossible to pronounce. They often end up saying ‘LAROSA’!

“Organisations with far less expertise and experience – but a catchier name – are often asked to comment on issues that we are far better qualified to talk about, which can be very frustrating. It’s something we must try to address.”

The new website – which will be re-launched even if the name change is not ratified – includes a whole host of new features, including a question answering service and jargon busting section for non-road safety professionals.

For further information about the association’s AGM, and the proposed rebrand, contact LARSOA administrator Brian Hogarth.


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