Light-hearted film promotes cycle training for adults

12.00 | 4 December 2012 |

South Gloucestershire Council’s road safety unit has teamed up with multi media company Walking Forward to produce a short film to promote its Bikeability training course for adults.

‘Keep Calm & Cycle On’ takes a light-hearted look at the course from an adult’s perspective, while promoting the benefits of safe cycling.

Walking Forward’s Gavin Payne, co-presenter of the film, said: “The course was a real eye opener for someone who naively thought they knew how to cycle. I learnt to ride a bike more than 40 years ago and the skills required for riding safely have changed an awful lot since I was a child.

“In the short amount of time I was training I picked up a huge amount of life saving tips that empowered me as a cyclist. It wasn’t patronising or childish – and I think we got that point across in the film.”

South Gloucestershire’s road safety unit is hoping that more adults will take up the course which is currently free to people who live or work in the area.

A spokesperson for the road safety unit said: “There has been a big increase in the number of people returning to cycling because of the health, economic and environmental benefits. However, it is a fact that the roads have changed dramatically since many adults learned to ride.

“Our adult cycle training courses are aimed at building confidence, awareness and safety on today’s roads.”

Click here to view the film on South Gloucestershire Council’s website.

For more information contact Gavin Payne on 01438 310157.


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