London Councils consults on HGV safety changes

12.00 | 12 February 2014 |

London Councils is running a consultation seeking views on introducing new requirements to make HGVs safer for cyclists and other vulnerable road users. 

London Councils is a cross-party organisation that represents London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London.

The consultation seeks the views of cycling organisations, hauliers, residents and other interested parties about potentially changing the conditions of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) to require heavy goods vehicles to fit side guards and extra mirrors.

Side guards fill the space between the front and rear axles on large goods vehicles, and can prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being swept underneath a vehicle. As such, they can help avoid fatalities and some serious injuries from crushing, by reducing the gap between the vehicle and the road.

The elevated position of the driver in many modern lorry cabs means that there are often a number of additional blind spots not found on most other road vehicles immediately to the front and nearside of the cab. Class V side close proximity mirrors, installed above the passenger door, can help to improve the driver’s visibility in the nearside blind spot. These are mandatory on all new lorries above 3.5 tonnes, with a retrofit requirement also in place.

London Councils’ proposal aims to ensure all lorries seeking a permit to operate under the London Lorry Control Scheme are equipped with these, irrespective of age or existing exemptions.

For further information about the proposals, or to respond to the consultation, which closes on 28 February, visit the London Councils’ website


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