London set for biggest Car Free Day celebrations

10.19 | 20 September 2019 | | 3 comments

More than 25km of central London roads will be closed to traffic on Sunday, in an effort to inspire more people to walk and cycle as part of their daily routine.

The road closures have been organised in celebration of Car Free Day (22 Sept) – with hundreds of free events taking place across the Capital.

In central London, more than 150,000 people are expected to attend ‘Reimagine’ – the highlight of which is the opportunity to cycle across Tower Bridge, free from traffic.

Meanwhile, Bank Junction will be transformed into a ‘car-free festival space’ – with performances from Grand Union Orchestra and the London International Gospel Choir.

Across the Capital, 24 boroughs are supporting more than 340 Play Streets – giving children a chance to reclaim some of their local streets from traffic and take part in fun and games.

A number of boroughs – including Ealing, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham, Haringey, Islington, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest – are also running their own Car Free Day celebrations.

Free Santander Cycle hire is available all day using the code ‘CarFreeDay2019’ – with extra cycles being made available to cater for the anticipated increase in demand.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, says he wants to encourage Londoners to walk, cycle, and use public transport to help reduce harmful emissions.

Sadiq Khan said: “I’m really proud that London will be holding its biggest Car Free Day celebrations on Sunday, and I encourage everyone to join in the fun.

“By enabling Londoners to explore our city without cars and traffic, we will inspire them to walk and cycle as part of their daily routine – something which is crucial to clean up our toxic air.

“I’m delighted that 15 boroughs are hosting their own local Car Free Day events and 24 boroughs are supporting Play Streets, enabling people across the capital to experience what their streets.”



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    Noted Nick, but I wasn’t referring to the situation 130 years ago!

    Incidentally, why would ‘the people’ one day decide not to allow vehicles to reach their own dwellings via their roads?

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    Hugh, it may sound like a ridiculous statement but about 130 years ago there were no cars with “rights” to drive on the road. Just because something has been invented and adopted in everyday life doesn’t mean to say it has to carry on in the same way for ever.
    The “right” to be there is given “by the people” through laws. “The people” could change this any time “we” decide in sufficient numbers to.
    I saw a T shirt for sale the other day which said something like “every invention science comes up with creates about ten more problems” Think I may go back and buy one…….

    Nick Hughes, Preston
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    “ children a chance to reclaim some of their local streets from traffic and take part in fun and games.” So, a day free from traffic noise for the residents and pedestrians, to be replaced with …even more noise. Brilliant.

    I have to query the oft used phrase ‘reclaiming the streets from traffic’ – traffic does actually have a right to be there.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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