LRSC urges London boroughs to combat austerity

12.00 | 22 May 2012 |

The London Road Safety Council’s (LRSC’s) AGM on 15 June will explore how London boroughs can maintain their recent casualty reduction achievements in times of austerity.

At the AGM, titled ‘A review of the past 10 years of casualty reduction in London – and to the future’, Nick Ross, broadcaster and president of the LRSC, will reflect on achievements in terms of casualty reduction on London’s streets and urge councils not to let up in their efforts.

Whilst the LRSC’s prime concern is reducing the numbers of people killed and injured on London’s roads, it will also use the AGM to remind policy makers of the financial benefits of investing in the prevention of road casualties. It points to DfT figures showing that on average preventing one fatality saves the economy an average of more than £1.5m while preventing a serious injury saves an average of £178,160.

Two annual awards will be presented to individuals and groups who have contributed to road safety – the prestigious Laurie Bunn Award and a new award, ‘The Sunshine Award’, for London’s Junior Road Safety Champ.

Visitors to the AGM will also experience an ‘Exchanging Places’ event outside the venue (City Hall). Exchanging Places gives cyclists the opportunity to sit in the driving seat of an articulated lorry to see how blind spots can make it difficult for drivers to see cyclists.

For more information, or if you would like to attend, contact Mark Bunting on 020 3045 5875 or email:


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