Man drove car down train tunnel

10.09 | 17 July 2009 |

A German motorist mistook an underground train tunnel for a road and drove 200 metres along the tracks before he realised.

Max Kirsch faces drink driving charges after getting his Vauxhall Corsa stuck in the train tunnel in Bochum. Police and fire trucks had to be scrambled in the middle of the night to stop trains and help remove the car from the tunnel.

Kirsch, 29, had veered left into the tunnel after heading down a service road and had not realised what he had done. He told police he was simply trying to get to downtown Bochum after seeing the latest Harry Potter movie.

Despite the bumpy ride he claimed he had not noticed anything was wrong until the car ground to a halt when the suspension collapsed.

A police spokesman said: "It seems he didn’t notice something was wrong until he got out of the car. When he did realise where he was he had to call the fire department to help get his car out.

"The whole thing reminded me of an old Opel advertisement that said the car ‘drives like it’s on rails’. He may have been testing that claim. It is not the first time this has happened, but we certainly never had anybody travel so far down the tunnel without realising."

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