Mayor urged to install more ‘Trixi’ mirrors

14.54 | 18 April 2011 | | 2 comments

A petition has been launched urging Boris Johnson, mayor of London, to introduce more ‘Trixi’ mirrors at junctions in a bid to reduce to number of cyclists killed by lorries (Guardian).

Due to the height and size of lorry cabs, drivers are often unable to see cyclists riding beside, behind or immediately in front of their vehicle. According to the Guardian report, on London’s roads alone cyclists die at a rate of about one a month; a disproportionate amount of these fatalities are cyclists struck by lorries turning left.

The report claims that crashes such as these could be prevented by greater employment of Trixi mirrors which have been used with great effect in Germany and Switzerland. The Trixi mirror is a device mounted to a junction, often to traffic lights, that allows HGV drivers a clear view of their left side as they pass through intersections.

The Guardian report claims that Boris Johnson trialled Trixis in 2010, but on a very limited basis. The report goes on to state that after two years and dozens more deaths, London still has only 39 Trixi mirrors in various states of repair.

Click here to read the full Guardian report.

Click here to view the petition.


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    A forthright argument but a skewed one. Statistics show how hugely vulnerable cyclists are. They need all the help they can get – both adequate guidance on safer riding *and* appropriate safety measures like cycle lanes and lorry mirrors.

    ABOVE ALL motorists need regularly reminding of the enormous vulnerability of cyclists so that they look out for them and drive past them safely. There’s a dangerous complacency among many drivers who assume that all cyclists deserve what they get, just because a few irresponsible riders run red lights.

    However accidents will still happen, as I found to my considerable cost.

    David, Reading
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    This petition gives no lip service at teaching cyclists how to use the roads correctly – NONE whatsoever. The onus is place squarely on other road users, road markings, and more street furniture. None of which make our roads safer – they add to confusion and conflict amongst users.

    With the clamour for more boxes of ‘Trixs’ accidents will continue and likely increase, until those who should – and probably DO know better – begin to remove such lane markings that lead cyclists into an area of false security. There are rules on how to behave on the roads, they are to be found in the Highway Code. Cyclists take note (I am one myself) do not rely on others to see you, rely on your wits and perceptions of possible danger. Be aware, be alert, be safer. Your life is in your hands, all need to be looking out for one another, but the most vulnerable need to be particularly aware of the capabilities and vision restrictions of other vehicles. All should be equal on the roads as in life. If all rules were basic and sensible, if all would accept and be responsible for acknowledging those rules, then such things as lane markings, boxes, and ‘Trixie’ mirrors would neither be needed nor wanted.

    Derek Reynolds, St Albans
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