Medway school embraces road safety

12.00 | 1 January 2013 |

A primary school in Medway is helping pupils develop the skills and knowledge required to stay safe as young pedestrians.

St James’ School in Grain was keen to champion road safety to its pupils, staff and parents and enlisted the help of Medway’s road safety team.

Safer journey officers gave lessons to the entire school of around 140 pupils. They also met with parents to introduce Medway’s pedestrian awards (PAWS) in the hope they would continue to enhance their child’s skills outside of school time.

Su Ormes, principle road safety officer, said: “We initially supported the school with a pilot walking bus launch during International Walk to School Month in October. Since then we have made return visits to deliver lessons – making sure they were fun and interactive.

“With very little road safety advertising on TV these days, we made sure the children understood the green cross code and were comfortable with what they should be looking and listening for while out walking.”

Ginny Wilson, head teacher at St James’ School, said: “We are eager our students understand their responsibilities and role as a pedestrian. For them to understand the benefits of wearing bright/reflective clothing, or the reality of seeing a car travelling at 30mph, with braking and stopping distance measured out on the playground, stands them in good stead to keep future road users safe.”

For more information contact Anna Hinde on 01634 332736.


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